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Sea Lion Encounters

Here’s the opportunity of a lifetime. You can bring to your event Dr. Hurley’s world famous Sea Lions. Your audiences will be able to witness first hand and presented in a very entertaining manner, behaviors that these wonderful animals use in their work, for education, research and conservation. The catalyst for this exhibit, Sea Lion Encounters, is the product of Dr. Hurley's S.L.E.W.T.H.S. (Science, Learning and Experimenting with the help of Seal Lions). For more information visit their website at:


Promo Demo

The Players

Dr. Jenifer A. Hurley Ph. D. and one of her friends.

The sea lions performing in this show are world famous. Dr. Hurley & her animals have been featured in:

  • National Geographic Explorer
  • Dateline NBC
  • BBC
  • New York Times
  • CNN
  • Several Feature Films
  • Official mascot & marine ambassador for the US Pavillion at the World’s Fair in Portugal 1998
  • Dr. Hurley's program is affiliated with Cal State Universities and fully licensed

The Show

See these awe inspiring elegant creatures do incredible leaps into the air! In the show you get an exciting mixture of...
  • Marine information
  • Demonstrations of breathtaking behaviors
See a demo of how these animals use “The Critter Cam” to explore depths and areas of the ocean unreachable by humans.
The Show
The Show After the demonstration, visitors can meet these amazing aquatic creatures in delightful up-close personal interactions. Members of the audience will also get the opportunity to have their photo taken with one of the Sea Lion Encounters’ “stars”. The sea lions remain on display throughout the day at your event.

Act Requirements

  • 30’x40’ physical space for the exhibit plus audience space
  • 60 amps of power
  • Access for transport vehicles
  • Water accessible nearby
  • Lighting if you wish night shows
  • For more information click here.

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