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- California Beach Party -

The year was 1962, a new sound was coming forth. It was the sound of summer and California Beach Party!!! The Beach Boys rode the crest of the wave to fame and popularity with their songs about girls, surfing, girls, hot rods, girls, high school, girls, the beach and oh yea, I almost forgot Girls!! Other groups soon followed suit (bathing?) creating songs still popular today, more than a quarter of a century later. The tradition is carried on with California Beach Party bringing that carefree spirit of surfing to every performance.

California Beach Party is five talented musicians hailing from Santa Cruz, California (still a great surfing town!). Terry Barracuda, #1 funny man, plays drums and guitar. Regi Rockinelli, tickles the ivories - that is, he's the keyboardist. Rip T. Shreads rips out the lead guitar parts. Jr. Mints holds down the bottom end on bass. Eddie El Gato plays sax and drums. All five sing lead and harmony, which gives them the ability to perform a wide variety of material. Together, with their hilarious stage antics and dancing, they have an exciting and fun-filled show you won't want to miss! Come see California Beach Party and you'll see why audiences everywhere are coming back for more! Be amazed when their drummer shows you the ways to wipe-out! Do you know how to do the Hand Jive? California Beach Party will teach you some new variations. Hey, don't move that limbo bar. You may be the limbo star! It all adds up to loads of fun and a great California Beach Party!! So get hip you Ho-dads and Gremmies. You supply the sand and California Beach Party will bring the rest. Hang ten with California Beach Party! See you at the beach!

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